The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Inspired by the RSC’s 8-hour of Nicholas Nickleby, Gerald’s version packs the plot into just 1 hour. Travelling with Nicholas across the country we meet some of Charles Dickens’ greatest characters: Wackford Squeers, Smike, Vincent Crummles, Newman Noggs, Sir Mulberry Hawk and many others. Nicholas Nickleby shows Charles Dickens off to his theatrical best.

A Child’s Journey with Dickens

In 1868 Charles Dickens travelled to the USA. He was old, in poor health and in constant fear for his safety following a narrow escape in the great Staplehurst rail disaster a few years earlier.

At the heart of this show is a young girl’s memory of meeting the great man on a train journey in New England, and Dickens’ enchantment with both her boldness and innocence.